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A new future of data ownership that gives users transparency and choice over the data they share online.

Minimize Online Risks

We are bridging the gap between people and companies by making regulations accessible to everyone.

How come Own is free?

The world needs data Owners who’ll call out bad behaviour from organisations who should know better.

Data Owners who’ll help people understand their data rights and how to use them. We’re funded by governmental and private investors who share our beliefs that data needs to be Own done . In the future we will introduce some additional features that can be paid for, but we promise that everything you see here now will always be free and that we will never misuse your data.

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Our journey

Started with an idea and finish when your data are truly Own.

  1. Idea phase helping companies handling GDPR compliance.

  2. Mai GDPR.

  3. Governmental fund out of 500+ Ideas.

  4. 1. Place country wide Pitch competition.

  5. 1. Version GDPR Software for SME's.

  6. Launch data protection network.

  7. EXIST Research fund by EU picked out of 1000 applicants.

  8. 2. Version GDPR Software incl. Penetration Test.

  9. Worked on a DIN Standard for GDPR Growing data protection officer network cooperations on governmental, company and research level.

  10. Help private people with deletion requests, cybermobbing fraud, and investigation.

  11. Launch new brand for deleting unwanted content on the web.

  12. Launch plattform security through privacy.

  13. Helped 10.000 user with deletion requests.


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