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Use Own’s smart data assistant to locate and erase your digital footprint. Start taking control and delete your personal data from services you no longer use.

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What’s your digital footprint?

Your digital footprint consists of personal data traces that you leave behind every time you interact on the internet. Having a digital footprint is part of modern life. This, however, doesn’t mean that we should leave unnecessary data behind that can expose us to digital risks. Minimize your online risks by keeping a small digital footprint.

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Reduce your digital footprint with Own

Enter your email address and in just 30 seconds your digital footprint will be revealed. You can then discover all of the companies and services that are holding your personal data. The next step is easy! Review your footprint to decide which data you would like to keep and which data you like to reclaim.

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Send an official deletion request with Own, to exercise your “right to be forgotten” and take back ownership of your personal data.

How to reduce your
digital footprint with Own

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4Choose unnecessary services
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Popular services found in the digital footprint of Own’s users

Domain Popularity (% of users) Reclaimed by (%) Experienced Data Breach
Google.com 87% 2% Breached 2018
Microsoft.com 72% 2% Breached 2018
Youtube.com 59% 1% -
Paypal.com 55% 2% Breached 2020
Facebook.com 54% 3% Breached 2019
Amazon.com 53% 19% Breached 2018
Instagram.com 52% 2% Breached 2019
Twitter.com 51% 3% Breached 2019
Linkedin.com 41% 2% Breached 2012
Apple.com 48% 2% Breached 2018